Jun 19, 2008

Tender Coconut Pudding/ Ellaneer Pudding... yummm yummm!!!!

Tomorrow im going to one of my friends house for lunch and i decided to make this for her. First i thought about making kheer but then i though everyone makes kheer... i wanted to make something different!!! Then i thought about puddings... bread or mangos or what???? Then my darling daughter reminded me i havnt made coconut pudding for a long time.. So i deciede ok thats it! This would be a treat for both... my frined and my kiddos!!!

This is one of the easiest pudding one can make and all u need is very few ingredients!

  • 1 litre whole milk or full cream milk
  • 3-4 grms of china grass (im still doubtful about the qantity because it was very tough to measure it because its so light!)
  • 1 tin milkmaid
  • 2 tender coconuts
  • dry fruits (cashew and almonds to garnish)
These are the steps
  1. Soak the china grass for 1 day in water.
  2. Grind the coconut pulp with some coconut water.
  3. In a large vesse lboil the milk and china grass till it dissovles.
  4. Add milkmaid after that.
  5. Turn off the flame and add the grinded coconut pulp and rest of the water
  6. Shift it to a serving dish and let it cool.
  7. When its half cook garnish it with the dry fruits.
  8. Cool it before serving..
I hope u all enjoy it.. my kiddos love it!! This entry goes to the cool dessert event!


Cooking Station said...

never heard of this before. Will try it sometimes. Did you use thai coconut for this?

Shifa Firoz said...

im not sure whether it was thai.. i got it from cold storage.. must be thai.

Munna said...

Good attempt.

Sapna said...

As i have tasted this dish of yours i am in a position to say .....YUMMMMMMMMMM!! indeed

Haripriya Reddy said...

Looks Yummy!!!

New one for me..will try out sometime.

Sophie said...

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