Apr 4, 2009

Zebra cake

When i saw this cake for the first time in Farida's blog i already fell in love with it!! :) it was something so different and unique!!! If i saw this in a bakery or somewhr else i wouldnt even imagine that i can also bake something like this!

Luckily i had all the ingredients at home and everything came out wonderful.. I followed the recipe exactly with no changes. Its really a big cake. I made this in Silicon round cakepan that i just brought. im slowly trying to replace all my baking pans to Silicon.

I took this to a kitty party and evertbody raved about it.

Please note that.. i made this in an electric oven.. one of my friend made the same thing in a microwave/convection oven and it didnt come out as the same pattern, it turned out to be a Marble cake!

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