Feb 22, 2009

Mooli Paranta

Everyday i think what should i make for dinner sometimes i repeat the same thing twice a week. To avoid that i have made a timetable for the whole month! So every monday is parata day :) kiddos sure love it! This time i decided to make mooli parata.

I have been thinking to try it for a long time.. but never did get a chance.. I went thru Srivallis Roti Mela  i came up with a recipe which was a mix of all mooli parantas! LOLs!!!

i added  2 cups of aata, 2 cups of grated mooli, 1 tsp each of ajwain and til, salt to taste, little bit of red chilli pwdr and turmeric powder and kneaded into a dough. i kept the dough for 1 he before i made rotis. 


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