Nov 20, 2008

Lauki Halwa

I have been thinking to make soething sweet for a long time. And when i had a really large Lauki i thought ok then i'll make Laki halwa today. This is the first time i'm trying it and this is a combination of 3 recipes i got from google!

i made it like this...

3 cups of grated lauki
1 and half cups of milk
1/2 cup milk maid
3 cardomons
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp ghee
a pinch of salt

Heat ghee in a non stick and add lauki to it. Once its soft and translucent add milk. And cook on slow fire till the milk reduces. As it reduces all a pinch of salt and milkmaid. Mix well. when it reduces again add sugar and mix till its thick. Garnish with almonds and cashew nuts.

I always cool any desserts and home made halwas coz my kiddos like it that way. I hope u guys will like it!!

im sending this entry for the Sweet Series!! Look out for more halwas and burfies in my blog!

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