Nov 6, 2008

Bread Pudding!

This is one of easiest puddings i have ever made! Even if i have an unexpected guest i can make it with in half n hour!!! And its so yummy!!! and my kiddos love it! And most of the ingredients you need for it will be at home all the time!

The recipe..

5 white bread with the sides trimmed off
1 ltr of milk
11/2 tbsps of china grass pwdr
sugar to sprinkle
3/4th tin condensed milk (if u want to make it sweeter u can add the whole tin)
butter to apply on the bread
2-3 drops of vanilla essence (optional)

Boil milk and china grass pwdr together.
Mean while butter both the sides of the bread and sprinkle sugar on both sides.
Arrange it in one layer on a flat dish.
Pour the boiled milk on top of it.
Let it cool and then refridgerate it.
Serve cool...

This entry goes for the Sweet Series hosted at Paajaka


LG said...

yummy dessert! great idea of using china grass yaar, will try it.

Priya said...

Wow am gonna try this one..looks simple n nourishing dessert..

Purnima said...

Wonderful-am here frm Priya's site! Kindly mention abt the condensed milk in method- taking from Priya its been combined wt milk. Thks shall post feedback to both of you on sunday. THKS 4 SHARING!!

Shifa Firoz said...

Purnima, condensed milk is nothing but milk maid!

Laks, Priya.. im sure u guys are goin gto love this!