Mar 4, 2009

home made fresh hummous!

i had this post in my draft for a long time. i think its finally time to publish one by one!! I and my hubby are big fans of Middle east food.. we just love it. its very easy to prepare compared to our Indian food and i think its much more healthier. During our vacation to the Middle East we both were eating like some crazy people who came from the land of NO food! LOLs!!!

I found this awesome book Lebanese Cooking by in our library here and it has a delicious hummus recipe.  I tried many of the recipes from the book and all came out good. For those who are a big fan of Kubboos and hummus and shawarmas should try this book!

i just make this once a month and refrigerate it.  during lazy day s i just buy some kubboos and grill a chicken and eat it with hummus.. yumm and healthy  and easy too! :)

here goes the recipe.

1.5 cups of chick peas soaked overnight
about 2 cloves of garlic
1/4 cup tahini
1/2 cup lemon juice
a pinch of cayenne pepper 
2 tbsp of chopped parsley for garnish
salt to taste

  • Cook the chickpeas with salt until tender. Run it through the food processor till smooth. Add the garlic,tahini and lemon to it and mix well till its a creamy consistency. Adjust the salt and lemon according to your taste. Garnish with cayenne pepper and parsley.


Asha said...

Perfectly creamy and delicious! :)

Faseeha said...

Hey Shifa...happened to c ur blog accidentally...wowww!!!u r awesome many recipes...keep going girl...

Shifa Firoz said...

thanks fasi!