Dec 5, 2008

Easy Veg Pulav

Another of my fav rice varities! well actually not mine my picky eater son loves this! He'll eat this without yogurt!! A rare thing otherwise with any type of rice he needs yogurt!!! :) This is also easy and packed up with all the vegs. I usually cut the vegs into small pieces so that he wont even notice that he is eating it :)

You'll need

Ghee - 2 tbsps
cardamon and cloves - 3-4
cinnamon stick - 1 small piece
bay leaf - 1
onion finely chopped - 1
basmati rice - 3 cups washed and soaked
mix vegs finely chopped- 1 cup (carrots,beans,corn,peas) or what ever u like
turmeric pwdr - 1/4 tsp
garam masala - 1/4 tsp
water - 6 cups
salt to taste

Heat the ghee in a non-stick pan and add the whole spices. When the smell comes out add the onions and fry till brown. Add water to it. When the water boils add the rest of the ingredients and close the pan and cook for 15 mts. Serve with raita, pickle,pappadam.

I usually finely chop all the vegs so that the kids wont notice it.

Another entry for the Rice Mela and Wholesome Lunch Box Event!


Srivalli said...

Shifa..thats good to know...dont' we all seem to have problem with kids eating...thanks for all the entries!

Chhaya said...

Hey Shifa , thanks for visiting my blog ! you have a nice space here :-) ...looking forward to going through all your recipes !

Shifa Firoz said...

@ Srivalli.. i think i have mastered the art of how to trick the picky eaters!!! LOL!

@ Chhaya.. i have still a lot to try from ur blog too!!

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Great, thank you for your entry. The round up will be posted tomorrow on wesbite.

Have a nice day, Margot